Guard Tour, Patrol and Reporting System

The GuardMetrics Patrol-Track officer management system is affordable, can be used with any smart device, and includes mobile guard tour and patrol software, GPS location tracking, daily activity logs, incident reporting, time and attendance verification, an operations management calendar, and the Community Security Portal

Security Guard Company SoftwareSECURITY GUARD COMPANY SUCCESS!

Security guard company success depends on many factors.  Efficient and affordable guard company software from GuardMetrics can accomplish a lot of it for you! Take a look around, or just give us a call at (800) 825-6858 to decide for yourself.

Security Guard Management System


New client on-boarding is typically executed within five business days from contract date, with an initial training session that lasts approximately forty-five (45) minutes, via web meeting, followed by field deployment of your customized, branded security guard software.


A security officer management system to cut costs associated with labor and supplies by reducing the time it takes to manage report writing, storage, and distribution; while simultaneously eliminating expenses associated with the cost of buying paper, ink, and old fashioned guard-tour wand systems.


Security officer tracking software that provides your stakeholders with detailed, branded reports and your supervisors with operations intelligence in real-time; including GPS location, time & attendance, daily activity logs, incident reports, and guard tour data.


Modern guard tracking and reporting capabilities help security managers collect and share important information in real-time, resulting in granular quality assurance capabilities that positively impact stakeholder confidence to win security guard business.

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Streamline Security Operations Management With GuardMetrics!

Whether you’re a start-up security guard business seeking to reduce your expenses with a simple, affordable, and efficient security guard management system, or you are a billion-dollar stakeholder that needs to control and monitor your cameras, thermal radar and drones on the other side of the world, GuardMetrics can streamline your security operations management.  It is our goal to become your tried and true go-to for ALL. THINGS. SECURITY.

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With GuardMetrics-PatrolTrack we bring you an excellent and affordable security guard tracking and reporting software that comes with crucial features that most of the most expensive security officer management systems can’t offer.  With GuardMetrics-Octopus we bring you the world’s first security guard app that is scalable into a full PSIM (Physical Security Information Management), controlling, and integrating with any and all security features that the most cutting edge technology has to offer.

Security Guard Management System

And we understand that, whether it is a security guard app or a complete PSIM, it needs to accomplish what you need, while, at the same time, be user-friendly and easy to deploy.  All the solutions offered through GuardMetrics security operations management solutions are simple, real-time and provide you and/or your clients with the transparency and accountability you need.

Security officer management technology, a massive expense-reducing security services network, services to help guard companies open new revenue channels, security consulting, and the world’s FIRST security guard app that is scalable into a full PSIM system; these are the security operations management solutions that GuardMetrics can offer you.

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When you couple the GuardMetrics security technology offerings with our massive network of vetted, cost-saving security services to which you’ll have access, there is not another company to turn to for your security needs.  From your most basic needs on up, GuardMetrics provides solutions that include exceptional service and support from a team with HUNDREDS of years of combined experience in security services and software.

We help companies fulfill their security needs and desires, whether that is to win accounts in your local security guard market, or to control all your global security operations management from a single control room. Our security technology and our people assist you in improving efficiency by providing support and advice, and by helping you network with crucial security service industry connections.  We add value to your business, not only by helping you with competitive security technology and security services but, just as importantly, by becoming your partner in success!

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Security Guard Management System


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