Paper post orders are a safety hazard! Call Guardmetrics to discuss SAFE security guard post order management software.

Post Order Management Software

Have your officers ever called you with questions that you know are answered in their post orders?  Or has your officer ever been on duty and needed to know how to address an incident NOW, but wasn’t even in the vicinity of the tattered notebook of post orders?  Security guard post order management is imperative to a growing security guard business, but orders aren’t very helpful when they’re bound in a booklet and lost in a drawer somewhere. If only their Post Orders were instantly available…

GuardMetrics post order management software for security companies allows you to upload documents via your administrative web portal, from anywhere in the world. That gives your site supervisors the ability to post updates and notifications in real-time. Updates can also be communicated in real-time from the field, so you can document acknowledgments.

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Have you ever had a client who wanted you to change or add some standard operating instructions after your guards had been deployed? Or perhaps you just received a 2:00 AM phone call from a frustrated stakeholder that expressed that “your people need to know…” (yes, the GuardMetrics team has been in the security guard business for a long time).

Easy access to, and understanding of, expected procedure is key to a good employer/ employee/ client relationship. Having their guard post orders digitized allows your security officers to always have them at their fingertips, complete and searchable, so that they can react efficiently, and without calling you unnecessarily. Post order management software is just one more way you can demonstrate that your team knows what the customer wants, and how their duties should be conducted. This makes for a happy–and loyal–stakeholder!

GuardMetrics post order management is a fully integrated capability included in the GuardMetrics security officer management system, allowing you to leverage all of the above from a single software solution for all your officer management needs.

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