GuardMetrics brings you a simple, affordable security guard patrol system that is equally easy to deploy.  You will be able to launch the GuardMetrics guard patrol software with less than an hour of training, though our Support experts will be here to help you on an ongoing basis.

Security Guard Patrol System

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The fact that GuardMetrics is so affordable and easy to deploy, by no means implies that it won’t accomplish exactly what you are looking for.  All your recorded events—your daily activity reports, Incident Reports, check point scans, etc.—are time stamped and geo-tagged for full transparency.

And there is no tricking the GuardMetrics patrol system.  If an officer clocks in, or starts their shift at the post by swiping a checkpoint, that event will also be time-stamped and geo-tagged with a map-point-view.  So the old horror stories of the rare guard getting away with duping the checkpoints and scanning them all from home is now myth, once you launch the GuardMetrics security guard patrol system anyway.

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Your officers can also attach pics or videos to their field reports and DARs with GuardMetrics security guard patrol system.  With a few clicks and a speech-to-text dictation of any relevant data, your guard will be able to submit a polished report to your branded platform in real-time.  These reports will all be branded with your logo and can then be sent directly to your clients, or your clients can access any data they wish with a portal to view their own site reports, whenever and however they wish.  This stakeholder-portal feature is convenient for both your client and for you, in that many clients will no longer require reports to be sent when they can access them whenever they wish.

GuardMetrics can save you time and money by giving your clients a personalized security guard patrol system portal.

The days of turning keys or touching “buttons” are over.  Today’s stakeholder knows that real-time technology exists and they want to be assured that their security guard patrol company is tracking their officers and doing what they are supposed to be doing.  And they want to know when they want to know, not a day or a week later.  Give your clients what they demand with complete accountability and transparency through GuardMetrics security guard patrol system.

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